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My goal as a Dental Hygienist and in creating this blog is to educate about the unique nature of our overall health, with focus on our oral care. My approach is a whole-body approach with utilization of my education in holistic nutrition, biological dentistry, Myofunctional therapy, sleep apnea, and training in both eastern and western approaches. You will hear me say this a million times… EVERY body is different and therefore cannot all be treated the same. 

I want to promote awareness that will inspire knowledge and prevention for everyone that reads this and empowers you to make your own informed choices.You will view dentistry and your health in a whole different way. I have found the importance in how the mouth affects the body and how much they both play a role in gaining balanced health. Read on friends and soak up the knowledge!! :) 



9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I think the dental field needs more woman like you that are truly passionate about what they do. You care and it shows!

    Best of Luck!

  2. LOVE this! Great job! I am a fellow RDH and thinking of starting a Integrative Health and Healing program in the fall. I have a huge passion for learning more about this approach and incorporating it into my career as well. Could I pick your brain with a few questions? Would you be able to email me?

    I love seeing our career opening up these new doors of a pathway to “whole body health and wellness.”
    Rock on. :)

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