What Our Saliva Tells Us…

Testing our saliva in dentistry continues to show its importance more and more! Nobody walks into their dental office expecting to get their saliva tested, right?? And afterall… what does it tell us and why is it important?!

Consider this… You go to the dentist and they tell you your gums are bleeding and you have gum disease. More than 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease.  What if you could find out the exact type of infection that’s occuring in your mouth and by that, how to single it out and treat it correctly?! Or if thats not your case, you could find out if you are at risk for it in the future by testing for the gene of periodontal disease. Thats right… There is a gene 30% of us carry that make us susceptible to that wonderful, non-painful disease called periodontal disease!!

Periodontal disease is a serious infection that deserves the same degree of urgency as any other human disease that you can think of… fill in the blank!  And if each periodontal disease was the same, the treatment for all infections would make sense.  However, since they are NOT and are all based off of genetic factors, different bacterial environments, and additional risk factors, the use of saliva testing adds significant value to both your personal diagnosis and the therapy needed.

So next time you are sitting in the dental chair… keep this in mind. Like I mentioned above, 75% of us all have some form of periodontal disease yet, 60% do not even know about it.  Scary!!  So get in and get tested!  It’s as easy as drink, swish, and spit ;)


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