Hooked on the Bean!

How many of us wake up in the morning looking forward to our cup of coffee to wake us up and make us “feel normal”? Yup… pretty much all of us. I’m not gunna lie… I enjoy coffee in every sense of it. The way it smells, tastes, makes me feel, wakes me up… all of it! But I am picky about when I allow myself to drink it. I’m an advocate of being educated on what you put in your body. So after doing the research on coffee, it was pretty easy to give up. Or so I thought…

I’m not here to ruin your love and enjoyment of coffee. Believe me, I’d have a lot of caffeine with-drawled, pissed off people after me. Scary!! Like I said, I love it and drink it from time to time. I’m just here to share some interesting facts about it and how it impacts your health :)   So continue reading if you are at all interested.Your adrenals, kidneys, skin, breath, cholesterol, blood, and blood pressure will thank you.

Let’s start by talking about how coffee works. Because our society suffers from chronic fatigue and low energy from an unhealthy diet or lack of sleep, we look to stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks or sodas to give us that boost we need. But the caffeine does not create or sustain long-term energy; it just hypes up the system by over stimulating the adrenal glands. From that, the amount of sugar in our blood is increased which provides us the energy lift. Yay!! Short term… Boooo. Then the body crashes leaving us wanting yet another boost. And so goes the vicious cycle. Pretty exciting so far right? Here is more good stuff!

Lets move onto the pH, which measures the acidity/alkalinity of your blood and tissues. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 to 6.9 being acidic, 7 being neutral, and 7.1 to 14 being basic, or alkaline. Our blood and tissues love to be at a pH of about 7.365, which is slightly basic or alkaline. This slightly alkaline pH creates an inner ecosystem where your immune system can perform at its peak. Minerals are required to balance pH in your body. And… Wait for it (drum roll please)… Coffee is the arch enemy of minerals since it’s extremely acidic. When you’re guzzling caffeinated beverages throughout the day, you can kiss pH-balancing minerals goodbye as you flush them down the toilet along with your hot cup of java. But wait… There’s more!

In addition to being acidic, coffee beans are roasted. These beans have oils in them. Roasted oils become rancid and clog up your lovely liver. It’s kinda obvious that this stuff isn’t good for you. The fact that you get the jitters when you drink it, and migraines when you don’t, should tell you something.

So yes, in conclusion, we love our coffee and it tastes so good and gets our wheels turning in the morning but… is it worth it overall? This one may hit close to home for some, but I’m a firm believer in cancer and its link to a highly acidic diet. In 1981, Professor Brian ManMahon of the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that drinking coffee was the cause of 50% of pancreatic cancers and that drinking 3 cups a day increased your chances by threefold. Those are some pretty significant statistics my friends. There are plenty of alternatives out there… it may just take some simple will power to make that choice next time you’re feeling like you can’t keep your eyes open. ;-)

5 Tips to Kick (or Reduce) Caffeine:

  • Make—and down—a green juice before your caffeine consumption! The more juice you drink, the fewer outside stimulants you’ll need, plus you gain a hefty blast of sustainable energy.
  • Have a cuppa green or white tea. The relatively small amount of caffeine in these drinks will definitely help you transition.
  • Try cacao (raw chocolate). It contains only trace amounts of caffeine. I love making a superfood smoothie or delish hot chocolate with cacao.
  • Brew up some Teeccino or Dandy Blend for a cup of herbal coffee.
  • If there’s no way in heck you’ll try any of these alternatives, then at the very least choose organic, shade-grown coffee and cut back to no more than one cup per day. Decaf is even better, especially if you choose water-processed (other decaffeinated coffees use a chemical process—yuck!).


6 thoughts on “Hooked on the Bean!

  1. I’m reading this as I drink my coffee grrr! But I’ll be having a green drink in an hour, does that balance it ou?! ;)

  2. I was all happy and comfy with my coffee this morning until I read this. I don’t actually drink it for the kick, I drink it because it’s warm and comforting. Ok, I’ll drink tea tomorrow morning instead! Thanks for the advice!

  3. Hi Timbrey,

    I was referred to you by Carol Vander Stoep, and was wondering if you work ina practice near me? I live in La Crescenta…

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