What is the purpose of our work?

We all have a job that we go to every day of the week. We hit the alarm clock come Monday morning, roll ourselves out of bed and head off to our jobs. But what are they to us? Is the purpose of work to solve problems or to creatively express ourselves? The way each of us answers this question shapes our lives as individuals and our world.
We clock in and clock out, but what is in between? Is it something we wake up looking forward to? Or something we can’t wait to get over with for a pay check? Does it enrich our lives and self worth or stress us out?

Creativity to me, is a function of the nature within us; call it intuition, native intelligence, or the subconscious mind. But it is what and who we are when we are our true selves.
Over 30% of our lives are spent working, so why not make it a time to enjoy and express what we are passionate about? This is a topic I think about often and strive to create in any job I do. It goes hand in hand with one of my favorite quotes by Mary Engelbreit. Share your thoughts!



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